Episode 2

Why Create?

Good to see you are still here. I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room. Why Create? I know about when I started and why I do it. By sharing with you a little back story, hopefully, I can trigger your "why?".

Maybe you already know... take a listen anyway. Please share with me your stories.


Creator 50 Episode 2: Why Create


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But, I wanted to start from starting at the start point.

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I started learning how to use computers way back in the early eighties. At that time, if you rolled into a computer store and you knew what you were talking about, You got kinda, sorta decent service. You got guy would talk to you cause they just wanted to have another contemporary to talk with them because ~you know, ~at that time using computers was a little bit of a rarity.

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ort of why I began creating. [:

Sadly after a near-death experience, we'll save that for a different episode.

stry. That became my creator [:

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f that nature. So that's why [:

If you don't already have one, grab yourself a notebook, get a custom notebook brand spanking new nothing. If, unless you had a recycling paper type, Hey, you do you. I like swanky notebooks. It's a, another one of my random hobbies. As a matter of fact, had a whole podcast on Moleskine that's the proper name, not mole skin or Moleskine no books and all the myriad things that go into it, like fancy.

Montblanc pens and things like that. Anyway, meanwhile, back at the ranch, you're going to want to grab a notebook for this process. If you're going to join me on the Creator 50 journey, Imma need you to have a notebook. One to take notes. Two, I really kind of want you to journal this process. I use a journaling app and let's not get it twisted.

I use a [:

And the reason why I want you to journal this process is as we go through this and we go through this together, you are going to find out some things about yourself . It's going to be healing. Just trust me, I've been through this many times, I've done a lot of podcasts. I think this time you'll start to see where you are now.

Maybe a little bit intimidated, maybe a little bit excited, maybe a little bit confused, not really showing how this process goes. And then I guarantee you six months from now, we're going to go back and read the first note that you wrote to yourself and be like, I had no idea. I could be where I am now looking at what.

you to journal this process. [:

That's what it is. You can do a HGTV, talk to yourself and save those if you wish. , but I definitely want you to journal this process because it will be fruitful. It will be helpful. It's also going to help you ideate aKA come up with better ideas to go in your process. So you're going to need a notebook and then I want you to send me messages.

be creator. You can email me [:

However, I want to hear why you want to be a creator. And the reason why it's important is because it's going to let us set ourselves up for success. I was once taught. If it's not measured, you can't improve it. Like it's no way to improve something unless you have actually taken statistical awareness as to where you are

at the onset. And then as you make your 1% incremental changes, we'll talk about that later. You will be able to look back and see your growth. It's why all the sites give you analytics, just, , think of it like that. I've told you today why I started creating, but I want to know why you want to create.

". [:

And then as we move along, you'll start to see how it goes from. Hershey bar to filet mignon steak. Well, maybe that's a bad analogy. I don't know. We're going to take it from you. Go to a Ferrari 4 88 spider. How about that? There you go. That's a better analogy. , .

eed to share this, just send [:

So if you know somebody that needs to hear this, please do me a favor and share. If you are on this for ride, please also do me a favor. Jump on over to your iTunes or Spotify, Google, Amazon, wherever you get your podcasts and leave a five-star review reviews, really help the podcast get discovered by other people.

Episode two is in the books. Once again, I'm Doc Rock. If you need to find me, I am Doc Rock, on just about anywhere, you can check the show notes. I will put all of the socials in there and I appreciate you guys for following me along here on the Creator 50 journey, Aloha!

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